How to win at hide and seek

How do people find and remember your business when we are exposed to over 5,000 messages a day?

Feeling overwhelmed by that thought?

While each of us is inundated with many messages every day, the challenge is  “How do you stand out from the crowd?”

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this. Start with a simple act. The act of noticing.

Notice the messages around you and then take note of what you remember.

Was it a billboard with a great picture?

Was it a clever tag line?

Was the advertisement funny?

Once you start looking out for which messages resonate with you, it is time to revisit your own company’s selling points. What tagline are you going to use with your brand to sell its message? This is where you establish what type of conversation your brand will be having with its audience.

What do you want people to think about every time they see your brand? What problem are you solving? What solution are you offering? What benefits will your buyers receive?

Most importantly – What reaction or action do you want to create?

One of my favourite taglines comes from the television show The Project. Its line is  “Delivering News Differently”, simple and true to its offering or

Toyota’s – “Oh what a feeling!”

Uber Black’s – “Everyone’s private driver”

and the return to childhood impact of

Vegemite’s – “It puts a rose in every cheek”

See how powerful a few words can be. They create indelible memories and have people connect with your brand forever.

What words are you going to use to help your business stand out?
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