I Have a Crush

I have a serious crush.

While you may be forgiven for thinking it is on my husband, Bradley Cooper or Albert Einstein’s brain, on this occasion I am referring to something else.

I have a serious crush on marketing, branding and communications. I love the way I get to deep dive into what companies do and help them craft their stories. I adore the way I can help companies grow.

How lucky am I?

Lucky because this is my field of work and I get to do it every day.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge where this “crush” concept came from.

Last week I was reading AFR journalist, John McDuling’s interview with the Founder of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti.

What really captured my attention was Peretti’s response to how he developed his sense for the web’s inner workings. He said “I think it’s just because I had a crush on the internet”.

This crush led to him building a company that employs 1,500 people worldwide, “generates 8 billion views each month for its lists, quizzes and videos” and is valued at $US 1.7 billion by its investors*. Pretty impressive.

There is so much scientific evidence around how loving what you do (or having a crush) leads to success.

Even when you love what you do, you will have moments when you resent certain aspects of your job. For some it is tedious paper work, for others it is managing disgruntled staff, yet as Davis DiSalvo, author of “Brain Changer” pointed out in his study on “highly respected achievers”, people who love what they do “stay connected to the initial challenge – that all important motivating juice that compelled them toward their field.

People who love what they do never fully lose sight of the challenge and the sense of purpose that drives them; they fight their way back toward it no matter how murky things get because it’s the very thing that gets them up in the morning.”

So tomorrow morning, “don’t focus on the negative” aspects of your day, but rather employ this Small Act that will have a Major Impact on your business and life –

“Remind yourself of your original crush and purpose”. You may just fall in love all over again.