Why send a bad ex-sample?

There are thousands of events held across Australia each year. Just by Googling Australian Events you will discover how many opportunities lie in wait. Waiting for you to give away samples at one of the festivals, events or conferences listed.

While I am not suggesting you supply products to all events, the message here is that there are abundant opportunities to showcase what you sell.

In a world that is increasingly being driven by social media and online promotion, it is truly a gift when you can get your product into the hands of your intended audience.

A tactile experience is worth its weight in gold.

What astounds me, is how often I go to an event to find that companies put their end of line products in as a bag filler. Really? This is how you want to show off what you do!

What a wasted opportunity.

I understand that giving away products can be a costly exercise.

For those who have a limited budget, there are thousands of smaller events or conferences you can tap into via your local council or school. Some of these are bound to provide opportunities for you to tell the story of your product and have people try it. School breakfasts, fetes, council business nights. The list is endless.

Review your annual budget and have a look at what you are spending in other areas of marketing and then set aside a budget for one or two of those months to distribute samples.

Recently I attended a Business Chicks breakfast where the 300 hundred attendees were handed one of the most incredible goodie bags I have ever received. Its contents were so good that it became a conversation icebreaker for our table. From coconut water to goji berries, magazines, hand cream and healthy biscuits, the mix was varied and perfectly targeted to the demographic in the room. Better still, I am now a regular purchaser and advocate of many of the samples supplied.

Don’t miss an opportunity by providing bad ex-samples.

Choose your event, big or small and see what happens when you get your product into the hands of your target audience.

You never grow out of the joy of getting something for free. Go on. Spoil people with your product and see what happens.

This Small Act can have a Major Impact on consumers becoming raving fans of your product.

What’s the best sample you have ever received?