Would you go to a meeting in your pyjama’s?

 I don’t think so.

So why would you send a bland email or a sample wrapped in plain brown paper when pitching for a large piece of business. Think of these acts as representing you or your company in a pair of PJ’s.

Emails reflect your brand and you. The way customers receive your samples or proposals impacts on their impression of you.

I recently worked with a company who was pitching against some large national companies for a significant corporate account. This company, while extremely professional is Victorian based.

Their systems, passion, customer service and product quality rival many of their national competitors – yet they were seen as a local supplier.

So what did we do?

  • We dressed up their pitching approach. With a few tweaks the company suddenly had a grander presence.
  • We engaged a graphic designer to revamp the proposal that was originally in a word document.
  • We couriered the proposal in a stand out piece of packaging. A tactile experience for the recipient.
  • We had the proposal delivered at morning tea with a custom made cake. generating curiosity and conversation about the company throughout the day.
  • We redesigned the e-version of their proposal so there was consistency across all platforms.

And guess who won the five year contract?

In another instance, we had a company redesign their wrapping/delivery paper from boring brown to something that was engaging, humorous and reflected the brand of the company.

Fun, yet sophisticated. This meant every time a customer received their sample they had fun opening and reading the wrapping paper. These strategies were inexpensive and created a great buzz for the brand.

Every touch point of your company leaves an impression on your customers giving you endless opportunities to involve and connect them with your company.

Better still, isn’t it great when you can make an impact while making people feel great at the same time?

It’s time to get out of your pyjama’s.

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Leora Givoni