4 Q’s 4 Clarity

Many topics.

Many lives.

Thank you to all who have shared my blogs and remained loyal readers. I do not take this for granted.

Everyone, and I mean everyone and every business has a story to tell. It is your stories that inspire mine.

In signing off for 2016, I encourage you to find quiet moments over the next couple of months to ask yourself these four questions –

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I want?
  3. What am I grateful for?
  4. What is my purpose in life?

It is Deepak Chopra who suggests we ask these four questions before we settle in to meditate.

Whether you are a meditator or not, find some quiet moments to ask yourself these questions.

Ask them repeatedly.

By finding clarity around them, it will help set your path for a purposeful 2017.

Beyoncé acknowledges that her role as a wife, sister, mother and friend is as important as who she is as a whole person and equally as important as her roles as an artist and businesswoman.

So, when you ask yourself “Who am I?”, think about the “Whole You”.

“I am a mother/ father/ daughter/ sister and businessperson can definitely be interwoven into your “Who am I story”.

Stay fabulous and don’t forget to write your list of Small Acts that will have a Major Impact over the coming year.

I will finish off with a fabulous quote from Business Story Strategist, Park Howell.


“The most important story you will ever tell is the story you tell yourself – Make it a good one.”

Looking forward to reconnecting in February 2017.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

With gratitude

From Leora and the #SAMI Team

Leora Givoni

Founder of SAMI and Leora Givoni Marketing. Marketer/ Strategist/Business Coach/Presenter. Passionate about quality communication, collaboration and people sharing their Small Acts that have had a Major Impact on their life and business # SAMI