And the winner is…

The sad thing is I don’t even have to finish the sentence and 90% of you will know what I am referring to.

Just like when you buy an expensive piece of clothing and it looks gorgeous, it only takes one quick rip and it is ruined. You can potentially mend it but it will take time and effort and never quite be the same. This does not mean it won’t ever look great again.

One of the most underestimated areas of brand investment, is a crisis management plan for when things go wrong.

While PWC stood up very quickly and took accountability for their Oscars mistake, the impact on their brand will take a lot longer to heal.

“At the end of the day we made a human error,” Tim Ryan, U.S. chairman and senior partner of PWC told USA TODAY on Monday after the awards.

As Tim points out, we all know, companies are run by humans. No one is immune to mistakes, but how you respond to them is critical to protecting your brand in the future.

While having a Crisis Management Plan is vital for all organisations, no matter what their size, companies also need to look at their policies.

A “look up” no phone policy. The hazards of being on your phone is not restricted to driving a car. The impact of looking down at your phone, when in a meeting, talking to a colleague or organising an event can have a detrimental effect. Documenting a no phone policy during certain work activities is something that could save future errors and improve concentration in the workplace.

Six steps to ensuring you have an effective Crisis Management plan in place –

  1. Check if your company has a media crisis management plan. Has it been updated recently? Who has access to the plan? Your leadership team, Human Resources, Your Board?
  2. Have you allocated a media spokesperson should a brand or company crisis occur?
  3. Have you got a strong internal communications plan in place? Your own employees need to be across your external messaging.
  4. Should a mistake occur, take responsibility quickly and honesty.
  5. Openly share what steps you are putting in place as a follow up to the mishap. Follow words with actions.
  6. Choose how and when you will respond over the coming months. Do not give oxygen to every criticism that may be occurring on social media or in the press. Have a tight congruent media plan in place.

Your Small Act that will have a Major Impact is to have an award winning Communications Crisis Management Plan that you review and update annually.

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