Brief is the new Black

Human concentration has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 since the year 2000.

According to a Canadian study commissioned by Microsoft this is thought to be shorter than that of a goldfish which sits at 9 seconds.

With this in mind, stay with me.

So often when we write emails, reports and newsletters we overwrite, losing the power of our messages.

It reminds me of the famous quote by Mark Twain – “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”.

Recently I have been paying attention to leading Melbourne radio station 3AW’s news bulletin segments.

How many stories do you think they manage to cover in their five minute allocation?


There is a minimum of 6 news stories, 3 sporting stories, the weather plus an additional 2 or 3 headline briefs.

How often are you be able to inform your team or customers of 11 stories in five minutes? Not just inform them, but have them recall them with meaning.

Given we are driving at the time we hear the stories and are still able to remember them means we all have the ability to capture the hearts and minds of our customers, staff and family on a daily basis.


By creating compelling succinct opening sentences.

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We all lean towards thinking we need more words.

Brief is the new black.

The Small Act of reducing your words will create the Major Impact of having people remember your messages.

You may even want to buy a Goldfish as a gentle reminder of the 8 second rule.

Leora Givoni

Founder of SAMI and Leora Givoni Marketing. Marketer/ Strategist/Business Coach/Presenter. Passionate about quality communication, collaboration and people sharing their Small Acts that have had a Major Impact on their life and business # SAMI