Erin Brockovich X 5 @ 2am – Why?

A few months back I had to wake up at 5.30am to catch a flight. Even with the knowledge I had an early start, I couldn’t help but watch the Erin Brockovich movie for the fifth time keeping me up until 2am that morning.

As exhaustion set in, I contemplated why I chose TV over much needed sleep.

The answer was simple. Erin Brockovich stood for something. She stood for justice and made it happen.

Knowing what you stand for is liberating.

Bringing it to fruition is exhilarating.

We can’t all be Erin Brockovich. But we can all be passionate enough to tell and sell a story.

Once people know your story, people know your brand.

You just have to be clear about what it is.

There are many methodologies and techniques to harvest your story. The simplest way to find it is by asking yourself Simon Sinek’s famous question –


Why do you do what you do?

See what happens.

Once you know why, the what you do and how you do it will flow.

Many people I work with have been in business for over 20 years. The ones that are crystal clear on their purpose are the ones that can always answer why they do what they do.

Your Small Act that is sure to have a Major Impact is to crystalise “your why” and then present or share it with five people over the next two weeks.

Saying it out loud has a far greater impact than simply writing it down.

“I am an advocate for awareness, the truth, and a person’s right to know. I believe that in the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families and our health, which is the greatest gift we have”. Erin Brockovich