Hello Dolly

“Hello Dolly….. well, hello Dolly
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong”.

If you could sing these words out loud, you are most likely of a certain age and demographic.

If you couldn’t, then I should not be talking to you about over 50s insurance.

While I sincerely hope there is no offence taken by the above statement, the core message here is:


Knowing who you are talking to when writing a letter, devising an ad campaign, or even developing internal communications within your company is crucial. Larger organisations require different styles of communications to reach the diverse mix of their employees, both in terms of demographic spread and the variety of roles.

Companies spend thousands of dollars segmenting their markets and analysing their customer base.

And then, what do they do?

They send the same style of communications to their different audiences.

There is no doubt that audiences are more blurred than they were a decade ago due to social media enabling a far greater reach, yet this should not restrict your investment of time and resources to truly establish who and why you are targeting a specific group of people. This is a vital step if you want a return on your marketing dollars spent and to maximise the impact of your message.

A Small Act that is bound to have a Major Impact is to visualise your ideal client sitting in front of you. Then design your campaign to attract as many of those ideal clients as possible.

So next time, before you start writing, remember to ask yourself this one basic question

Who am I writing this for?

Image: www.biography.com