Second Ticket Strategy

A friend of mine was buying bagels last week when the man in front directed her to the ticket dispenser. She showed him she already had one.

He explained that he always grabs two tickets as there are often people who forget to take one resulting in a longer wait time for them to be served. He went onto say that every day of his life he tries to do three good deeds. They can be as small as letting someone in the traffic to helping a family member or friend in need.

While a gorgeous story in its own right, you can adapt this second ticket story to your thinking when pitching for business or caring for your staff.

Whether you are a consultant, coach, manager or business owner, there are always opportunities to give your clients or staff a “second ticket”.

I work with a broad range of companies in helping them develop pitches for new business. As part of this process we spend time evaluating how we can deliver something the customers won’t expect. “Your second ticket offering”. It can be as large has hosting an event for their staff to demonstrating your product in use.

Do you supply coffee to large companies? Imagine the value add of getting a barista in for a couple of hours to educate people how to make coffee and then of course serving the coffee for free.

Do you supply services to the HR department of large companies? How about gifting the company with a motivational speaker about how to overcome obstacles.

Do you own your own business? How about taking someone from accounts or customer service on the road with you for a day so they can learn from you and experience face to face contact with some of your customers and suppliers.

Giving a great experience to your customers or staff doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes thought.

Start by thinking which company did something that you wanted to tell your friends about.

Now think about what you can do that goes beyond your current offering?

What will be the “second ticket” Small Act Major Impact strategy for your business?

Leora Givoni

Founder of SAMI and Leora Givoni Marketing. Marketer/ Strategist/Business Coach/Presenter. Passionate about quality communication, collaboration and people sharing their Small Acts that have had a Major Impact on their life and business # SAMI