Seeing to Unseeing

Close your eyes and imagine everyone in your family throwing their leftovers and rotten food from the fridge into your back garden for a week. Imagine this happening 52 weeks a year. Now picture your back yard with a years’ worth of food strewn across it.

What a frightful sight that would be.

Creating imagery through words is a powerful tool that can create change. You have the ability help your audience see things that they will never “UNSEE” again.

Did you know Australians throw out over $8 billion worth of food per annum? That is enough food to fill over 450,000 garbage trucks.

Now picture those 450,000 trucks driving that food into a hole in the ground, into our ground – our planet*.

Even if you are not an environmentalist – how can you not “UNSEE” the impact of these actions?

The good news is, once people see this, you can educate them about ways they can reverse the trucks.

They can –

Buy less food by planning their meals

Think before they throw and best of all, they can

Donate their food to those in need.

This is just one example. There are so many opportunities where you can create empathy and connect people to a cause. You can create behavioural change. You can help people act differently by the power of your words.

Your Small Act that will have a Major impact is to think about what you want your audience to see and then never “UNSEE” again.

What are you passionate about?

Think about your cause or solution and then tell a story that will imprint a picture in your audiences’ mind.

The wonderful thing is that you have the power to create positive change by creating a “Seeing and Unseeing” campaign.

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Leora Givoni

Founder of SAMI and Leora Givoni Marketing. Marketer/ Strategist/Business Coach/Presenter. Passionate about quality communication, collaboration and people sharing their Small Acts that have had a Major Impact on their life and business # SAMI