Welcome to Small Act Major Impact

Welcome to Small Act Major Impact.

There are so many ways you can create an impact no matter how overwhelming life becomes:

In your business.
In your life.
In the wider community.

Even the thought of creating a major impact can make you feel overwhelmed.

Fear not. This blog is for business owners, leaders and managers who want to learn techniques to grow their business via the Small Act Major Impact system also known as SAMI.

Morry Wroby the CEO at Valley Park Farm donates one egg from each of his chickens annually to Foodbank Victoria. His one small act means that 350,000 eggs are donated annually. Now that’s an impact.

Salman Kahn was an analyst at a hedge fund in Boston who used to tutor his cousins in New Orleans. One day he decided to supplement his coaching with a You Tube video to make the lessons easier. Today, he is the Founder of the Khan Academy where over 200,000 of his video lessons are viewed per day. One day, one act – major impact.

Small Act Major Impact is about helping you identify ways you can implement small acts that will help you grow your business while maintaining peace of mind.

It takes just one small act for extraordinary things to happen.

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Welcome to our community – designed to tap into to the minds of business owners who want to make an Impact.

What small act has had a major impact on your business?

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