Take the Mint

If someone offers you a mint – Do you take it?

A girlfriend of mine who is an amazing Leadership Coach and Organisational Psychologist said that one of the best pieces of advice she received was to always “Take the Mint”.

So often in life and business we are presented with opportunities that we don’t run with.

Years ago I was working with a company and decided to build a library of motivational tapes (yes, I am showing my age) for the Sales Team. Most of the team were on the road for hours at a time. I loved when they would come to me and say “I really enjoyed the message about…..”. For some in the team, it was the first time they had listened to messages from experienced businessmen and women outside of their world. More fascinating were the people that never took advantage of the offering.

Life is full of “Take the Mint” opportunities. You just have to recognise them.

When you are at a conference, do you put your business card in the bowl for a competition?

Do you take a business card and never make contact with that person again?

Do you have a burning question to ask the presenter and shy away from speaking up? Believe me, asking questions is like “Taking a Mint”. I have been blessed to meet great local and international speakers after asking a question.

I recently attended a conference where we had the opportunity to win a free session with a leading business Voice Coach. I raised my hand at the speed of light to take advantage of the offer. To win the prize, I had to get on stage and pitch my businesses. Two Mints – a free course with a fabulous Voice Coach and an opportunity to pitch my business in front of a whole conference.

Three Small Acts to find your mints –

  1. Be alert to “Take the mint” opportunities.
  2. Ask questions that will open the door to greater connections.
  3. Carry around a packet of mints to act as a trigger to snap up life’s “Take the Mint” opportunities

Share your Small “take the mint” Act that has had a Major Impact on your business or life.