The Language Touchpoint

Last week I phoned a large multinational where someone answered the phone by saying, “Hi. This is Lauren, how can I help you?”

There is nothing revolutionary about these words, yet they communicated a warmth and intimacy about the company, which happens to employ thousands of people.

Simple tweaks to wording can have a major impact on your customers’ experience.

Think about how much effort you put into wordsmithing your website, letters to clients or even Instagram posts, yet when it comes to the most important asset – the people who talk with your customers every day, the choice of words they use is paramount.

When you return a product that didn’t perform well, imagine hearing

“Oh, that must have been so frustrating, let me see what I can do for you?”

Rather than

“Let me go and check our return policy on that item”

Words can be your best friend when things go wrong.

Customer Service Consultant, Micah Solomon advises to “Establish a Consistent Style of Speech”.

He suggests that “No brand is complete until a brand-appropriate style of speaking with customers is in place at all levels of the enterprise. You should therefore work to achieve a consistent (although not stilted or overly scripted-sounding) style of service speech.

A distinctive and consistent companywide style of service speech won’t happen on its own. You’ll need social engineering: that is, systematic training of employees”.*

Solomon suggests you study your customer’s language and then integrate it in your training.

Developing a language manual that reflects the style of your customers, without sounding contrived is one of the most powerful branding activities you can put into place quickly.

Language really does differentiate your brand.

The day to day conversations you and your staff have with your customers is one of the most impactful branding features your customers will experience with your company.

The Small Act that will have a Major Impact is to integrate language into your staff training. It is one of the most important touchpoints of your brand.


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