The Messy Drawer Metaphor

You know how it is. You start the new year after your end of year break and you are super proud of how you have decluttered your drawers and wardrobe. You have given your old clothes to charity, folded your T-Shirts and everything looks fabulous and organised.

Better still, because you can now see everything, you get ready much faster. You see your favourite black T-shirt sitting neatly folded on top, the jeans that actually still fit are perfectly positioned nearby. Efficiency at getting ready is at an all-time high. Then something happens.

The year begins. You get busy with work, getting up early, dropping the kids off at school and slowly slowly your wardrobe becomes more and more disorganised.

Sound familiar?

Imagine this is your mind. Most often it is. We start the year with great intentions of staying organised and de-cluttered. Slowly the reality of daily tasks infiltrate our psyche and our headspace becomes messy.

Next time you are rushing and throwing your clothes around, stop, slow down and breathe.

Use your drawers and cupboards as a trigger and metaphor for your headspace. Let them act as your daily reminder to keep things tidier in your mind. Slow down and fold. It will remind you that being tidier is more efficient and effective.

What Small Acts do you put in place to keep your headspace clear?

Stay committed to implementing strategies that will keep your headspace clear for greater performance in 2016 and beyond. Let your end of year drawer decluttering be your ongoing trigger for clarity.