Treat him as if he were your father

Last year my father was in hospital. There were many great nurses, yet one stood out from the crowd. When I asked her how she found it in her heart to be so compassionate, she answered “When we were trained, one of my teachers said “when you look after patients, treat them as if they were your own father, and that’s what I do.”

Aside from the fact I felt so indebted to this nurse, it got me thinking.

Whatever business you are in, you and your staff should care. They should care a lot.

Whether it is a product or service, instilling that sense of pride and caring is what will set your company apart.

So many companies invest in perfecting their products and services, yet minimise their caring training. Whether you employ 2 or 10,000 people, your staff are brand ambassadors for your company. When they care, everyone benefits – especially your customers.

Recently I had to return my daughter’s Kindle to Amazon. The process was so easy. A phone call, an email and within a couple of days I had her new Kindle. What really resonated beyond the efficiency of their replacement system was the caring nature and tone of the Customer Service Operator on the phone. I call it my AmaWow experience.

What Small Act has had an Major Impact on your “Business of Caring” strategy?