When a Pebble Feels Like a Boulder

I was going for a run the other day when I felt a huge stone in my shoe. Not wanting to stop midway, I kept on running. The stone feeling bigger and bigger with every step. At the end of my run, I took off my shoe only to discover the stone in my shoe was merely a little pebble.

How often does this happen in life? We push through our day when we feel a situation is insurmountable.

You know that feeling. You have so much to do, but that one situation is taking up all your headspace.

I recently worked with an amazing woman who could not sleep or concentrate at work because she was not invited to partake in an important company meeting. She took this to mean that her work was not valued and the company was trying to push her out. Slowly the lack of inclusion wore her down.

After a couple of weeks of she decided to take action.

The woman set up a meeting with the organiser to investigate why she was not invited to be part of the meeting. The organiser immediately alleviated the thoughts of insecurity she had attached to not being included. The reason presented to her made perfect sense and she quickly realised there was no harm intended. In fact, the meeting was merely a precursor to a project in which she was to play a major role. The company valued her and her work greatly.

We can all relate to this. It can happen to us at work or in our private lives.

So often we have conversations in our head that start as little pebbles and grow into boulders.

There is a simple first step we can take to stop the “catastrophising”.

What is it?

Start talking to stop guessing.

You don’t need to let your mind run wild. Nurture yourself by getting the facts before letting your mind fill the gaps with false details.

Share your Small Acts that help keep your mind balanced.