We have over 60,000 thoughts in 24 hours

More than 5,000 external messages flash before our eyes daily and

We check our phones over 150 times every day, interrupting us nearly every 3 minutes

These are just some of the statistics we have come across in recent studies showing how many things we have going on in our lives in every minute of every day. The feeling of being overwhelmed is not something exclusively being suffered by CEOs, leaders and business owners. It trickles into the lives of all of us.

And so, Small Act Major Impact was born.

Born after having worked with hundreds of business owners, leaders and employees who really want to make things happen.

What we have learned is that there is a way to make things happen.

It is by adopting the Small Act Major Impact approach.  By adding it to your daily diet.

Business, life and family success are valued equally here at Small Act Major Impact aka #SAMI.

Most of the ideas contained in this site come from having worked with major corporations, SMEs and parents who have recently returned to work.

The core essence of this site is to share our learning and the success of business leaders and owners across Australia. By taking care of clearing your mind, you will gain clarity of thought around your messaging, learn techniques to raise the profile of your business and generate leads to your targeted audience. Scientifically and business based research will form an integral part of the information we want to share. We think the most exciting part will be the stories of those who have achieved success through implementing hundreds of small steps over the years resulting in major impacts. This site is about sharing ways you can implement Small Acts and create Major Impacts in your life and your business.

SAMI is about helping you love what you do while turning up the volume for positive measurable impacts.

So……while we share our acts, we’d love to read about yours, because at the end of the day, when you look back, you will realise your whole day was actually made up of thousands of small acts that really did have an impact.

Just one small thing – you may have forgotten to notice them.

Welcome to #SAMI.

Leora profile imageLeora Givoni is a qualified marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years experience. She has a strong background in Corporate Social Responsibility. She is passionate about people having peace of mind while living their lives and building their business. She has spent hundreds of hours attending workshops and seminars devoted to understanding what makes people tick. She has coached leading businessmen and women and consulted to broad range of large and small business across Australia. She sits on the Development Board of the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She volunteers and raises money for a variety of charities on a regular basis. She is a mum, wife, daughter and sister. She feels blessed to have the greatest bunch of friends around. As a business owner, meditator, exerciser and advisor to business women and men, Leora is committed to ensuring her clients achieve both business and personal success. Leora and her team started SAMI to seriously help make life easier to deal with. Leora wants you to share your best small acts that have had a major impact on your life and business, this way we can all benefit.

Leora’s favourite quote is “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”Mahatma Gandhi

DSCF3172Claire Bull used to wear busyness as a badge of honour. But after having two little girls in two years she learnt how important it is to reinstate balance in her life.  She has been working in product innovation, consumer insight development and all facets of marketing for more than ten years. Claire has had experience working with major corporations, small business and two person startups across the environmental, retail and packaging industries to name a few. Claire loves nothing more than learning everything about a new industry and using fresh eyes to gain new insights and help communicate the differentiators that your business has. Claire’s Small Act at the moment is learning to meditate for just 5 minutes each day – and convincing her husband it will not make him a hippy if he does it too.

Claire’s favourite quote is “The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

Picture for BioEmma MacGillivray has always had a passion for brand marketing. For over ten years, Emma has worked with small and large brand agencies, and has been the brand manager for international and local brands. Being part of a brand story and helping it to grow is what makes Emma happy. After relocating to Sydney and having two small children, Emma now creates brand stories in a visual sense, specialising in design, and works one on one with her clients. Emma’s SAMI is to make sure the house is tidy before they leave for the morning. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.

Emma’s favourite quote is “The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for” George Washington Burnap