“It’s the gap between what we know and what we do that can be the trickiest hole to fill.” – Leora Givoni

Today’s culture of overwhelm is often fuelled by being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Busy is the new black. People are working crazy hours without feeling truly fulfilled. How do you move from being busy to being effective?

While there is a science to connecting with people and nudging them into action, this science will vary from person to person. People are motivated to act by different factors. Knowing how to tap into an individual’s psyche to raise their performance is a skill that Leora Givoni, SAMI’s Founder has harnessed over the past 20 years. It is from these experiences the Small Act Major Impact (SAMI) coaching technique was developed.

Whether you are starting a business, running a business or navigating complex relationships in the corporate world, having an impartial and qualified sounding board will help you be accountable to yourself and someone else. Better still, it will help you achieve your business and home life success goals in a measured timeframe.

Current clients include leaders, managers, business owners and women returning to the workforce. Each session our coaches will bring their experience of working with large organisations, start-ups, SME’s as well as their own experience of building a successful companies and consultancies.

Resources, time and money is what 99% of clients say are their biggest inhibitors.

What will you get out of the SAMI coaching sessions?

Methodologies and systems that breakthrough the obstacles that impact your thinking and performance. Each coaching session is carefully designed to tackle what is holding you back and springboard you into achieving business success.

“Seeing our clients get promotions, start new businesses and win major accounts with peace of mind is what drives us on a day to day basis.” Leora Givoni.

We would love to help you realise your business dreams through our individually devised SAMI coaching program that trains people to start with the most vital step to generate change – “creating awareness of what is holding them back”.

We are passionate about helping people unlock their potential to maximise their performance. We are renowned for creating measurable systems that help our clients put in place small acts to get their business, health and family relationships back on track.

Coaching Packages

SAMI coaches offer six and twelve month coaching and mentoring packages.  Both packages include a complimentary session for the first meeting. After identifying your needs and aspirations, a comprehensive program is designed to help you achieve your goals in an inspired and warm environment.

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Testimonial about the Founder of SAMI

“Leora has that rare balance of raising the tension to ensure I don’t get away with not performing while adding warmth and wisdom to every session we have. I always walk away with something concrete to implement in my business that creates a positive and measurable change. My business turnover has increased by 20% in the two years we have been working together”. Danielle Hikri, CEO Office Fruit