If you are able to grow your business while maintaining a happy and healthy life you are at a distinct advantage over your competitors.The culture of overwhelm is prolific. You cannot go out for dinner without people talking about how busy they are. We are all too busy, all of the time. We know we want to keep growing our business, but how can we do that when our lives are already so full? Most of all, we don’t know where to start. Here at SAMI, we do.

We deliver interactive workshops that will help break the “cycle of busy-ness” while gifting you with lasting techniques that will help grow clarity around your messaging, increase lead generation and assist in raising the profile of your business. Our workshops will teach you how to get in front of the customers you want. Better still, we will make it fun. We promise.

We will show you how to identify the Small Acts that will have a Major Impact in your life and business. A lot of our content draws from the latest scientific research around motivation, neuroplasticity and human physiology. We include real life business scenarios that you can adopt and implement in your business.

Best of all, these workshops can be tailored for both large and small companies, because at the end of the day, companies are made up of people and customers no matter how many you employ.

What can you expect to get out of a full day SAMI workshop?


Business mining and investigation

“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.” – T. Alan Armstrong

Prior to our workshops, we

  •       meet with you
  •       conduct a thought audit
  •       communications audit
  •       desktop research and provide
  •       a reverse brief

We understand that quality outcomes are based on quality efforts invested prior to delivery day.

Our preparatory questions and investigations are designed to achieve the best possible impacts for your business.

Muddy Thinking = Muddy Outcomes

We share techniques to declutter your mind and space to raise performance, including –

  • Tricks to discovering what clutters your mind and how to unclutter it.
  • How knowing yourself is vital to the growth of your business.

Once decluttered, we venture into helping you create clear messages for your business.

How to win at hide and seek

It’s not easy to be noticed when there are over two million businesses operating in Australia alone. The profile section of our workshops will teach you eight powerful ways you can raise the profile of your business within a month, including –

  • The five senses of marketing and how to use them to grow your business.
  • Story telling. It is one of the most powerful techniques to have someone remember your brand. We will teach you how the brain responds to stories. We will help you discover your story and teach you how to deliver it in a way that will have an indelible effect on your audience.

The Intersection where science meets marketing.

We all hear about how we have a “call to action” when creating our marketing and business strategies, but how do we do that?

By understanding what makes humans act. Here we share –

  • The latest scientific findings to help you understand what triggers people to act.
  • How the combination of marketing and psychology can help drive increased business growth and

Five small acts you can implement over the next month that will have a lasting impact on your business growth.

Best of all, we won’t cast you off into the wilderness at the end of your workshop.

You will hear from us to check up on your progress. We want to know that our SAMI workshop has helped you relax and thrive.

For those who want more after the workshop, we will help you implement the SAMI system across your business.

Full and half day workshops are available across Australia.

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Small Act Major Impact – the pathway to building a great business.